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Are you in the early stages of an idea and need to figure out the UX? Do you need to improve a feature of your product, or want help creating an awesome UI? I can help!

I help founders bring their apps to life; whether it’s designing a new onboarding experience, creating an app from scratch, adding a feature, a complete overhaul.

You’re already thinking about a billion things as a founder. I can help support your team and think through and design.

An amazing product needs:


  • Does i communicate its purpose? (Targeting the Ideal Customer Profile)
  • Is it user-friendly, featuring familiar patterns?
  • Will users experience an “aha” moment immediately?
  • Is there an engaging hook and feedback loop?
  • Is onboarding easy?
  • Does it go above and beyond expectations?


  • Are interactions an absolute joy?
  • Do smooth animations bring things to life?
  • Do visuals and illustrations spark happiness?
  • Has every detail been meticulously considered? Fonts, colors, icons, rounded corners — they all matter!
  • Sleek and striking?
  • The answer to an amazing app lies in finding a balance between clarity and delight.


  • User interface design
  • UX design
  • Design systems
  • Visual design
  • UX research
  • Design hiring
  • Mobile app design
  • B2B SaaS app design

Design your ideas, fast

Go from an idea to a code ready design in as little as a week.